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Why We Use St. John's Wort Flower

Hypericum perforatum

St. John's Wort has a special affinity for balancing inflammation of the nerves and provides relief by slowing down pain signals sent to the brain. Its constituent, hyperforin, has been shown to regulate prostaglandin levels, particularly PGE2, in human cells. Prostaglandins are key mediators in inflammation cascades the body uses to modulate a balanced pain response.

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A Brief History

Native to Europe, this herbaceious perennial is named for its vivid star-shaped yellow flower that grows during the summer solstice on or around St. John's Day. Early uses of St. John's Wort date all the way back to the 1st century AD and during the Middle Ages when it was added to potions to protect humans from witches, demons and other forms of evil. In more recent times, it has found its place in the treatment of depression, wounds and muscle pain.

Products Featuring St. John's Wort

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