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Why We Use Passionflower Aerial Parts

Passiflora incarnata

Passionflower is used to gently restore weakened nerves and has the ability to calm the active mind, mitigate stress and promote natural relaxation for healthy sleep. The herb's active constituents are found to be highest in its aerial parts, the stem and leaves.

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A Brief History

This tendril-bearing vine produces beautiful flowers with a unique floral structure that ripen into the fleshy and seed-filled Passionfruit. With more than 550 species, Passionflower is commonly found in Mexico, Central and South America, though some species grow in tropical regions of the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. The whole plant is used to make herbal medicine, but Native Americans have traditionally used the leaves and roots to make a sedative tea.

Products Featuring Passionflower 

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