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Why We Use Hops Strobiles

Humulus lupulus

A cousin to the Cannabis plant, Hops is considered to be a deep central nervous system sedative that helps to induce sleep and support a healthy response to stress due to its constituent myrcene, which is actually found in both plants. In fact, myrcene content is often used to evaluate the quality of Hops strobiles.

Hops & Cannabis Similarity | Windward

A Brief History

Originating in Europe, this vigorous climbing perennial is a member of the Cannabaceae family and has over a hundred different varieties. Hops is traditionally used as a bittering, flavoring and stability agent in the fermentation process of beer making for its floral, herbal and citrus notes and antibacterial properites. The first documented use of Hops in beer dates back to the 9th century although it became more popular in the 13th century.

Products Featuring Hops

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