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Why We Use Arnica Flower

Arnica montana

When used topically, Arnica can be effective in relieving soreness due to muscle damage, bruising and fatigue. Though its soothing ability is not well understood, evidence does suggest the sesquiterpenoid lactones produced in high concentration in Arnica flower heads are a primary source of these positive effects.

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A Brief History

Known for its wild and golden star-shaped flower, Arnica grows in high-elevation mountain regions of Europe. Sometimes referred to as Wolf’s Bane or Leopard’s Bane, it was first documented as a medicinal plant in the 1500s and has been used in homeopathic medicine for bruising, pain relief and inflammation. Due to its popularity, Arnica has been overharvested in recent years making it a rare and protected plant in many countries. Global environmental agencies are now helping to ensure responsible harvesting takes place so that this powerful plant stays with us for years to come.

Products Featuring Arnica

Muscle Remedy Salve